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Vegans' Teeth

by Jon Sasmor

Last Updated December 6, 2018

Some vegans have difficulty with tooth decay, while others have happier teeth. The strength of the teeth might matter more than the food coming in contact with them.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian with tooth problems, then supplements of magnesium, boron, and/or vitamin K2 might be a good place to start. More info is available at the links below.

Other minerals aside from calcium are crucial to teeth and bones. Examples include magnesium and boron (both abundant in Concentrace). Fluoride may strengthen teeth by causing a mild form of bone-hardening disease, but this doesn't strike me as a natural way. Thirty minerals or more affect bone health (Dermience 2015).

Fat-soluble vitamins also seem likely to affect teeth and bones. Some vegans may have difficulty getting vitamins A and D in the forms the body uses them. Vitamin K2 strengthens bones and is found in few plant foods (e.g. natto). People vary in ability to make K2 from plant K1, for genetic and other reasons. K2 is available as supplements. (Masterjohn 2016.)

Toxic dental materials may cause problems for some or even many vegans. For more information, please see the warning in this website's Tips for Vegans.