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Dear friend! If you're new to plant-based lifestyle, is here to support you. If you're already an herbivore and are having issues, is here to help you transcend those issues and thrive as plant-eaters.

It's not surprising that there are bumps in the road for some vegans. As far as I can tell, no native peoples thrived on a 100% plant-based vegan diet. Near-vegan is a different story. Many of the most long-lived and healthy peoples ate mostly plants.

Vegan is an exciting experiment! Lots of people are trying vegan, and even more are near-vegans, vegetarians, or flexitarians. In a time when soils are depleted, plants are modified, animals are treated cruelly, agriculture contributes to a warming climate, and most of the foods in the store are processed, vegan is one reasonable and compassionate way of choosing to eat today.

Many people are extremely healthy and successful on a vegan diet. Look around the internet, you'll find them. Some of those people give the impression that vegan can make everyone healthier and happier. I'm not sure yet if vegan can work for everyone, but I sure am excited about trying to help more people thrive as vegans.

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Updated July 5, 2018